Crop insurance is an important risk management tool for many farmers. However, a crop insurance agreement is not a typical contract between an insurance company and an insured farmer. Crop insurance is reinsured and subsidized by the United States Department of Agriculture, through the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation and Risk Management Agency (RMA).  As a result, crop insurance disputes and disagreements will often involve actions by the Risk Management Agency. A crop insurance dispute can involve a lawsuit against a private insurance company as well as mediation, arbitration, or an administrative appeal through RMA and the National Appeals Division of USDA.  Any farmer who believes a crop insurance claim has been improperly denied should  hire a crop insurance lawyer, knowledgable in the complexities involved in winning a crop insurance dispute.

Most lawyers do not have significant experience with crop insurance and  they do not understand how the federal crop insurance program works. The average attorney is not familiar with the statutes, regulations, and handbooks that control the adjustment of crop insurance claims. When selecting a lawyer for a crop insurance dispute, make sure that you hire an attorney with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the federal crop insurance program.

Ark Ag Law knows how to handle your claim and is familiar with the mandatory arbitration and administrative review provisions, provided in your claim denial letter and found in the common crop insurance policy. If you feel your crop insurance claim has been improperly denied, Ark Ag Law is prepared to challenge the decisions of private crop insurance providers as well as those of the RMA. Contact Ark Ag Law at 501-320-5118 for representation in the arbitration and litigation of your crop insurance claim.

Ark Ag Law represents farmers who are faced with the denial of a crop insurance claim.  As crop insurance is governed by federal law and basic policy provisions are uniformly applied across the country, a lawyer at Ark Ag Law is prepared to represent agricultural producers in the states of Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and nationwide.