Estate planning is a wise investment for any individual who seeks to ensure proper transfer of assets upon death. For this simple reason, our attorneys regularly serve our clients in the areas of estate planning and probate.

If you are operating an ongoing business, then you also need a plan for the transition of your business and personal assets after your death. While many people are uncomfortable discussing this inevitable reality, Ark Ag Law, PLLC, will take the time to listen to your wishes, concerns, and desires in forming an estate plan that works for you and your business. Our attorneys do not push boiler-plate trusts and estate planning forms.  Estate planning may take many forms which can include wills, trusts, business entities, and other tools. Our goal is to provide you a plan that meets your needs and goals, as well as the needs of your family and business.

The attorneys at Ark Ag Law, PLLC, have decades of experience in the counsel of businesses and individuals in their business pursuits. Regardless of whether the legal issue involves a complex dispute or simple contract drafting, our attorneys are willing and available to assist. Our firm offers a working knowledge of corporate law, real estate transactions, business, litigation, state and federal regulatory compliance, business transition planning, and in representing those who have become the subject of government investigations and administrative actions.

The attorneys at Ark Ag Law, PLLC  have many years of experience working in the area of business and commercial law. For advice or representation in the area of business and commercial law, contact our attorneys, at (870) 747-3813.